Sound Body

Sound Body Hidden Language

Scott wraps up his two-part series on the language of massage, listening to sounds — and silence — as therapy.

A CAMPFIRE crackles.

BECCA: We went camping a couple weekends ago and it was a very quiet place. I think it was in the evening and we were all sitting around the fire, and one of the kids made a comment. They said, “It’s too quiet here.” And I said, “That’s the purpose of this.” It’s  just to get away and it’s okay to sit and stare at the fire and, you know, be quiet. It makes you think — sometimes you can actually think when you don’t have noise around and it feels good or you don’t have to think. You can just stare at the fire and not have to think about anything, but I do wish, I wish that in our culture we would welcome silence more than what we do.

CAMPFIRE continues. Then SILENCE.

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Mellow out with the body language of massage in this first of a two-part story.  

A TABLETOP FOUNTAIN flows. MUSIC “Drake Meditation Spirit” by Lobo Loco begins.

CECILLE moans. Again. And grunts.

CECILLE: Mmm. That feels so good. [PAUSE.] Can you do right here?

BECCA: Mmhmm, yeah. [PAUSE.] My fourteen-year-old son, one day asked me, he said, “Why do you just want to rub on people all day?” LAUGHTER.] And I said, “Ah, son, you have a lot to learn.” My name is Rebecca McKinney, and I am a licensed massage therapist. 


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